This page is for Frequently Asked Questions. We hope the answer to your query is posted on here. If it isn’t then please contact us.

Do I have to pay extra for food and drink?

Refreshments, except for cans of drinks, are all included in your entrance fee. This includes breakfast snacks, hot and cold lunch and afternoon cakes/biscuits. Tea, coffee, cordial drinks and water are available throughout the day.

I am a vegan, will you be able to cater for me?

Whilst we aim to have the largest selection of food available, if you do have special dietary requirements please let us know. Please e-mail vetsnorth@5mpublishing.com and we will arrange alternatives for you.

I paid for a 1 day pass and would like a 2 day pass (+ other mistakes)

Not to worry. If you either made a mistake when paying online or on the form which you sent in then we can easily sort it for you. Just let us know what you would like changed by e-mailing vetsnorth@5mpublishing.com

Can I just turn up on the day?

You are of course welcome just to turn up on the day but we ask people to book in advance so we can get numbers right for lunch and refreshments as well as congress packs. It is also easier to arrange alternative food if you are vegan/gluten free etc.



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